WCSU Education Club

Western Connecticut State University's Education Club

Western Connecticut State University's Education Club


Committed to providing professionalism, experience, and knowledge so you can be the leading applicant for any job you wish to apply for within the education field.



In today’s uncertain economy, it has never been more important to make yourself stand out as a job candidate.  At most education positions, there are over 500 applicants, making a strong resume critical just to get an interview.  


   Western's Education Club Sets You Apart

  •Partnering with the Connecticut Education Association, as well as clubs at UCONN, Southern, Quinnipiac, Eastern, and Central Connecticut Universities,  we provide an opportunity to make professional connections and keep up with changes in the profession. 

•Professional Conferences and opportunities to gain experience working in schools allow you to gain knowledge about the profession before you enter your professional semester and student teaching.



Officers of the Education Club

Spring 2014

President: Kathryn Wichman

Vice President: Christina Schlupp

Treasurer: Lauren Muller

Secretary: Megan McCauley

Historian: Rachel Volpe

Public Relations: Douglas Nadig Jr.

Advisor: Dr. Robin James